Burn Your Life Down (first edits)

The house caught a light today.
Your damn space heater went crazy,
sparks flew, hitting Milhouse. That stupid stuffed cow,
You bought for me almost a year ago.
I had time to put it out —
I suppose. But,

I lavished in it all.
watching the life we built together
Burn to the ground. I let it go.

My pleasure faded though.
I added fuel to the fire.
I threw in that grotesque
oversized purple sweater, even the smoke
couldn’t choke out your lingering scent and all
the photographs of us, from around the apartment,
they were useless now.

I made a trail with the fire to
Our living room — your favourite room.
I piled up your video game collection
under the insipid blue sofa we spent
hours looking for.
when they caught a light, I waited,
as flames licked at the couch.
Soon engulfing our love seat.

Your precious DVD collection
was the last to go. For all
500 DVD’s, I stood over the fire,
watching the disks melt in my hand.

I burnt your life down.
Are you mad?

(Source: thekillerclimax)